Townsend Inc., based in Kansas City, is a leading development company in Kansas City's urban condominium scene.

Our goal is to bring affordable luxury living into emerging neighborhoods of the city. Townsend develops communities that benefit from the conveniences of the city with the functionality of a suburban home minus the commute and yard work.

The developments of Townsend Inc. have been credited with bringing a new level of sophistication and sex appeal to Kansas City. Our properties are known for their winning combination of luxurious homes, quality facilities and exceptional customer service.

Principal Jason Townsend believes in the renaissance of redevelopment and the marriage of fashion and function in lifestyle creation.

Exceptional residential and commercial developments are flourishing in metropolises such as New York and Los Angeles, and Townsend knows that arty, hip communities are prospering in markets like Atlanta and Chicago. He has a vision for bringing these kinds of communities to cities like Kansas City. Townsend, Inc. was created to make that vision a reality.

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing an unsurpassed experience for every resident. Bringing residential, commercial and office spaces to underserved areas, Townsend establishes mixed-use properties which benefit cities. Townsend tenants are drawn by the idea of a community of people living and working in a new neighborhood.

We aim to provide a living or working experience that is second to none. To do this, we identify and capitalize on commercial real estate investment opportunities, with a goal of maintaining the integrity of the structures, and repurposing them into vibrant new uses.

Our carefully selected team has a wealth of expertise in all areas of development and a focus on creating excellence in each one of our communities. We are actively expanding our presence locally and nationally, with potential developments in a number of markets.

At Townsend Inc., we are all striving together to deliver an enticing blend of lifestyle and affordability to Kansas City and beyond.

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